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CABARO was born from one simple, disruptive thought: to make world class luxury affordable, while giving the gift of time to those who need it most.

Great innovations always arise from great problems, and our problem was simple: quality timepieces are too expensive. We found that for years consumers had been bearing the cost of high-end watch markups by paying for designs that in most cases weren’t even produced by the brands themselves. So we asked ourselves, why is this happening?

The answer is simple. The Swiss-made timepiece industry is monopolised by high profile brands who enlist the endorsement of expensive celebrities, inflate brand profit margins, slap on enormous retail markups and then ask consumers to foot the bill because these brands know there’s no other cost-effective option on the market.

We founded CABARO to give you that option.

By cutting out the middleman, coordinating the assembly of our own designs in Switzerland and then selling them directly to you, we’re able to provide quality Swiss-made timepieces for up to a tenth of the cost of high-end brand watches.

Because we believe that everyone deserves the timeless design and superior quality of a Swiss-made timepiece, and shouldn’t have to take out a loan to afford it.

But we also believe that everyone deserves to be given the time of day.

The founders of CABARO are firm believers in equal opportunity, which is why we’re determined to assist and empower children from the developing world by providing them with the biggest driver of positive change: education. CABARO, in collaboration with our regional partners, aims to help children break free from the poverty cycle and become leaders and visionaries in the free world. We’re committed to taking the time to invest in the future of young people in disadvantaged communities to ensure they have a greater chance of having one.

We started Cabaro so you could have more money left over for life’s other luxuries, but also so those without luxuries could have more time. It’s win, win.

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